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Welcome to Alter Ego, Tallinn's benchmark for fine Mediterranean cuisine.


At Alter Ego we offer high-quality food and professional service in a relaxed yet formal atmosphere. We believe that it is possible to combine all these features with fair prices for local "Tallinners". After just a few weeks, Alter Ego has been recognised to be one of the best quality-price venues in Tallinn's dining scene. And we are here to stay.


At Alter Ego we humbly accept special mentions and recognitions. But we are not here to win awards. We are here to offer quality and original dishes based on local and imported seasonal ingredients paired with wines recognised to be amongst the best in the world. To people like you. Without cutting any corners. That's, in a nutshell, Alter Ego.


Alter Ego chosen as one of the best 15 restaurants in the whole Baltics and Russia for 2012, one of the best 5 in Estonia. See full article here.


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What do they write about us?

"Spanish cured meats taste delicious and fine and you can feel they have been carefully chosen... For a second I feel like i am sitting in a best Andalusian restaurant on a warm sunny day... The prices are friendliest of the friendliest...Me and "my other me" definitely want to come back to Alter Ego."

OMA MAITSE Magazine, 2011

"You cannot wish for a better goat cheese tomato tart, the onion marmelade and fresh pesto sauce play in an symphony. No one is a lead singer, every ingredient is friend of each other."

ANNE & STIIL Magazine, 2011

"One of the most delightful culinary experiences we've had in some time...Alter Ego produces top-notch cuisine....the wine selection is immense and the dishes are mouth-watering."